6 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make with Your AC

Installing AC in your home gives you the luxury to control the temperature in your rooms. You can feel comfortable inside when the sun is on fire outside. But there are a few mistakes that people make during the installation and maintenance procedures.


Thankfully, there are professionals of ac duct cleaning Dubai to save you from those mistakes. But it is important that you take care of them as well.

Here, you will get to know about all the mistakes to avoid with your AC.

  1. Using it non-stop

If you use your AC non-stop, then, this is a big issue. People forget that just like any other machine, the air conditioner also needs some time to rest. The constant performance can present some issues in the thermostat, which leads to the repair costs.

Hence, it is better to give a little break to your AC after one or two hours of working. This will keep the thermostat in good condition.

  1. Picking the wrong size

When it comes to selecting an AC for a particular area, the size matters. The wrong sized unit doesn’t work efficiently. Not only you suffer bad cooling capacity, but also face the wastage of the energy. Hence, you need to get the professional’s recommendation in order to select the right sized unit for your home. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on too big or too small unit.

  1. Picking the wrong installation location

If you don’t know, the efficiency of the AC is also decided by the location you choose to install it. So, choosing a corner to hide the AC can lead to a lot of energy wastage in the long run. The better approach is to select the central location for the system in order to reduce the energy cost and save money along with it.

  1. Leaky duct

When your duct is leaking, the machine doesn’t cool at all. The hot air comes out of the unit. Also, the units slow down and don’t allow the home to get cool enough. These problems can also arise due to the gaps and holes in the ductwork. Hence, it is important that you keep it maintained and ask professionals to repair.

  1. Trying to fix everything on your own

The training and the proper understanding of the AC are necessary parts of service. If you try to fix the problems or clean it on your own, you might end up damaging some parts. Hence, it is always the best to call the professionals to get the job done.

  1. Waiting too long for the cleaning

People sometimes delay the cleaning service for a long time. This allows the dirt to accumulate in the filters, evaporating coils and condensers as well. So, don’t make this mistake.

The ac cleaning Dubai price is reasonable enough, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Finally, try to avoid these mistakes in order to keep your AC safe, protected and efficient.


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